Lynn Evert

Co-founder and partner

“You have to be brave if you are creative. Brave enough to express yourself, to step out of line, to do things differently, to face the challenges of conformity and still believe in your truth – in your originality”

Lynn takes creativity by the horns. She has been using her lateral thinking skills to influence brands and creative solutions for over three decades. Conceptual thinking has always been as natural as breathing, and delivering results beyond expectations is standard procedure.

She has spent her career in some of the best global agencies in the world, challenging the status quo and consistently bringing world class creative solutions to the table. Her numerous local & international awards being testament to her high creative standard and ethic; Lynn has worked on campaigns for some of South Africa’s biggest brands like: Nedbank, AVIS, AUDI, Minolta, FNB, Stuttafords, Old Mutual, Shell South Africa, Sanlam, SATRIX, AFROX, GVK-Siya Zama and Mavala to modestly name a handful.

As an extension of her creativity, she is a contemporary artist who has sold her art in RED the Gallery, privately as well as being commissioned by collectors. 

She is an animal lover and the proud owner of her two Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Pax and Jupiter. 

Statement about Lynn:

Amelia Keefer, Group Brand and Sales Executive at GVK-Siya Zama: Lynn is bold, a wizard at taking a brief and delivering design that exceeds expectations, design that sings, like an orchestra from heaven. The creative process can be a rough and tumble as her mind races from creative outpost to distant planets. Until it lands, like a great big meteorite full of bang and possibility!

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