The world had to change, that was inevitable. Gone are the days of agency brainwashing – the informed, mindful consumer is the norm. Yet; in a sea of information, people are still starving for authenticity.

Having decades of experience under our belts, we have seen change. From an analog generation to a digital one, from a free world to a locked-down one – we know the importance of being dynamic and agile to change. The world had to change, and that’s why we had to adapt and relook how we could add value to it, as well as become the most bona fide version of ourselves. By doing so, the principles of MERAKI fell into place – passionate creatives priding ourselves on always going above and beyond to deliver authentic brand communication solutions for our clients.

Evert Davidson Creative Partnership realizes that hard sell no longer sells. That’s why we have embarked on the journey of delivering nothing but the unfettered brand values conveyed in fresh ways, straight to the consumer.

An independently integrated network of experts and specialists across various fields who can be brought to the table at any time to help broaden and enhance our problem solving ability.

Our creative partnership is based on these truths:
  • Brands have purpose.
    Find that purpose and shine a light on it.

  • Passion fuels design that works.

  • Add value.

  • Collaborate to solve problems.

  • Diversity is strength.

  • Creativity makes the world a better place.

From onset and throughout at EDCP, you’ll be consulting two highly experienced, empathetic and reliable Creative Directors who work closely with a hand-picked network of creative professionals. Our priority is fostering relationships with our clients, while delivering work that sets brands apart, sparks consumer optimism and shapes generations.

The question is, where would you like EDCP to take you?

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