Co-founder and partner

“To thrive into the future really does mean to collaborate. And I don’t just mean with industry colleagues and specialist talent, but with our clients across their C-Suite. True brand success cannot be realized when working in a vacuum. You have to be part of your client’s business from the ground up, touching and influencing every aspect of the business. That is where the true value is. Providing solutions with authenticity and agility that keep brands healthy and fearlessly moving forward both inside and out. I am excited about taking our creative offering to the next level and making sure we are never conforming to mediocrity”.

In the two decades plus that Natalie has excelled in the advertising industry, her belief that creativity can and does change the world ensures that every project is seen through a strategic and creative lens ensuring both a calculated as well as innovative thought process is utilized with every brief. Her strong belief in creativity has earned her awards both locally and internationally.

Natalie’s agile leadership approach saw her in Directorship roles leading creative teams in a number of award-winning global agencies across South Africa, as well as having worked with some of South Africa’s most loved such as Toyota, Vodacom, Incredible Connection, Siemens, Oreo, SASOL, Edgars, Young Presidents Association, Pick ‘n Pay, Old Mutual, Sanlam, Mavala, Shell South Africa, SATRIX, GVK-Siya Zama and FNB to name but a few.

Natalie is an aspiring writer, actor, singer, songwriter who has performed live to numerous audiences. She has recorded a number of her tracks with some of South Africa’s most talented musicians. As testament to her storytelling power, she is in the process of developing a true crime biopic novel/screen play.

Statement about Natalie

Sharmila Jaga, Marketing Manager, Old Mutual Investment Group: It was a pleasure working with Natalie and the Evert Davidson (ex FireEngine) team. They were totally creative and efficient in the work they presented to us, ranging from amazing internal branding and activations and events to fantastic audio visuals and thought leadership magazines. The commitment and passion Natalie and the EDCP team have is infectious. They were also extremely professional at all times.

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